Plastic Pouches



Our plastic pouches are perfect for event access and conference attendees or media passes. They are also commonly used as visitor identification in the corporate or government environment. They come in a range of sizes and can be attached to any of our lanyards. This gives a professional and great finished product for your event or conference attendees.

We also offer inserts for the pouches, offering single or double-sided card prints, which we will personalize, print and insert for you.

Our clear vinyl pouches are made to last and hold single cards or booklets, for quick reference in store, such as size cardlets.

 We stock six standard pouch sizes (dimensions listed refer to insert size):

  • 90 x 60mm (landscape)
  • 115 x 75mm (landscape)
  • 65 x 90mm (portrait)
  • 95 x 105mm (portrait)
  • 100 x 140mm (portrait)
  • 110 x 150mm (portrait)