Access Card Holders

Access Card Holder - Landscape & Portrait


Get Access and ID card holders to secure employee ID badges, access control cards and even parking passes and gym cards. Refer to the images at the bottom of the page to see the card holders that we supply. 

We offer these in a range of styles! Such as open-face or closed-face, landscape or portrait, opaque or clear and even in various colours.

They can easily be attached to our lanyards and worn around the neck. As a result this allows easy access and also avoids losing the cards. Another very popular use is to attach them to your keys to keep your drivers licence or petrol card safe and always available. 

At the same time, our card holders protect the card from moisture, dust and other wear and tear, therefore enhancing the longevity of the card.

You can easily remove the card for scanning, with our specially designed thumb notches, allowing you to slip the card in and out in one quick motion.

Access Card Holders & ID Card Holders can be used for:

  • Events
  • Corporate working environments
  • Schools & Universities
  • Gyms
  • Government Agencies
  • Conferences & Events

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  • Colour:  Selected colours available, as well as Neon & Glow in the Dark
  • Material:  Rigid PVC | Clear & Opaque | Landscape & Portrait | Open Face & Closed Face