There are three important elements to take into account when designing your button badge artwork, namely:

  • The Cutline
  • The Bleed
  • The Safe Area

Have a look at the below image as an example.

Button Badge Artwork Guide

The cutline is our guide to cut your artwork to the correct size for your button badge. It is the outer circumference of the button badge artwork which includes the bleed and the safe area. Depending on the size of the button badge, the cutline will be between 8mm and 12mm wider in diameter than the size of the button badge.

The bleed indicates the part between the safe area and the cutline. This is the red highlighted part in the example image above.

The safe area as indicated with the dotted line is the area that you will see on the face of the button badge. This is the readable or visible area I.e. what you will see when the button badge is complete.

Use the below table as a reference guide when setting up your button badge artwork. This will ensure that your artwork is setup correctly for our machines.

Setting up your artwork is easy if you follow the above instructions. However, if you’d prefer to download a simple template click here

Open the template in your favourite design software and grab the button badge size you want. Then drop your artwork in. If you have more than one design, then just copy and paste as required.

BUT before you email us your button badge design in the template, there are a few things (artwork requirements) you will need to check:

  • Artwork to be supplied as a Vector PDF
  • Any fonts or text in your artwork must be converted to curves/outlines.
  • All strokes in your artwork must be converted to outlines.
  • If your artwork is an image file to ensure high resolution to avoid pixilation and blurry edges when printing to actual size.

Once you are happy with your artwork and it’s positioning you can email it to us and we will do the rest!