Button Badges

Button Badges

Button Badges are a fun and a cost effective way to market your company or brand and/or create awareness around a topic or message.

They are most commonly used in marketing campaigns, to communicate membership, reward achievement and acknowledge affiliations. Not only do button badges work excellently in promoting events, they are also a low cost method for charity fundraising and product launches. They can also be highly collectible.

Whether you call them button badges or pin badges, the bottom line is that they are a low cost, high impact marketing tool for your brand or business. There are so many fun and unique ways you can use them to promote your brand from pinning them on to caps, to bags, to shoes, to t-shirts, to lanyards etc. the options are endless.

Want to stick your button badges on your customers fridges? No problem, we can make button fridge magnets for you too! According to research, the average length of time a fridge magnet remains on your customer’s fridge is 6 years! That is a lot of staying power! This offers your business or brand repeat brand exposure every time the fridge door is opened or closed. That is a lot of free advertising making custom button fridge magnets a very cost effective marketing tool too!

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The components that we use to manufacture our button badges are constructed out of high quality aluminium with pin backs. We do not produce them with the cheap plastic backing!

Our prices are fully inclusive of setting up and manufacture – This means there are no hidden costs!!

So, all we need from you is your artwork (as a vector PDF converted to outlines/curves) and we do the rest.

We currently offer four sizes of button badges: 

  • 25mm diameter
  • 37mm diameter
  • 56mm diameter
  • 75mm diameter


Button Badges