In this blog, we’ll get into why we think custom printed t-shirts are one of the most effective marketing tools for a business.

Social media is over-saturated with every business under the sun trying to grab your attention. Your customers while on their social media feeds are not necessarily searching for products or services – they will most likely use one of the search engines to do that.  

The cost for paid advertising on social media is increasing, becoming very expensive and it’s becoming harder and harder to get a return on your ad spend and even harder to get a ROI.

However, custom printed t-shirts branded with your logo has proven to be a very simple and effective promotional and marketing tool with a lot of staying power. People love t-shirts and if a t-shirt looks cool with fresh with eye catching graphics and feels good on, then guess what… that t-shirt will be worn again and again. This means your business or brand will constantly receive exposure every time your customer wears your custom printed t-shirt. You have effectively turned your customers into walking talking billboards for your business.

According to research  the average length of time a person keeps a branded promotional t-shirt is 14 months. That is a lot of free advertising every time your custom t-shirt gets put on making it one of the most cost effective marketing tools over the lifespan of the t-shirt. That is powerful!

We love to bring brands to life with stylish custom printed t-shirts that grab the attention of our clients’ customers well into the future. One way to maximise your ROI when playing the corporate apparel long game, is to consider consistency – the timeless message of your brand as opposed to the more in-the-moment ones.

Printing promotional t-shirts around a particular event can be a fun way to build excitement, but choosing to instead print a less specific message or design and encouraging your team to wear that promotional garment at all events throughout the year could be a more sustainable and cost effective way to approach your corporate branded apparel strategy. 

By adding a bit of variety with different colour-ways allows your team to choose the design colour they prefer thereby increasing the likelihood that they will actually want to wear the garment on a regular basis.  

Using our t-shirt printing services to give custom printed t-shirts to employees and customers will increase your brands exposure while also adding an awesome incentive to potential prospects. Who doesn’t like to receive a free branded t-shirt?

In our opinion, if you want to create a cost effective marketing experience for potential customers, then leave them with something that they can get use out of often, like a screen printed t-shirt with your company logo!

Screen Printed T-Shirt Mock Up